Life with Braces

Are you considering orthodontic treatment? We would love to help! Known for compassionate and quality care, Ekim Orthodontics is a unique place that combines the expertise of an accomplished award-winning orthodontist alongside a team that cares for each and every patient. Our goal is not only to deliver the best service but also to educate our patients on how to care for their teeth during orthodontic treatment. In today’s blog, we discuss getting braces with our office and our recommended suggestions on caring for your smile while you have braces.

Upon receiving braces with us, oral hygiene practice will be reviewed at your first appointment when the braces are placed. In your care kit, there are toothbrushes, smaller brushes, floss for braces, and a fluoride mouth rinse. We recommend brushing for a minimum of two minutes--every morning and night, and adding certain angles for brushing around the braces.

It’s not true that your diet has to change too drastically when you start wearing braces as most foods can be eaten by adding a certain amount of attention to making sure you are consuming smaller pieces smaller so as not to make the appliances come loose. We recommend avoiding hard crunchy foods and hard sticky foods such as gummy candies because they can pull on appliances and make them come loose from the tooth surfaces or bend wires. It's important to be mindful when getting used to eating with braces; but overall, most foods are quite simple to eat with braces.

Please note that because braces are designed to be removed upon completion of treatment, they can come loose during treatment as well. In most cases, these situations are not a major concern. Areas that may be irritated can be addressed by using orthodontic wax to smooth the area. Otherwise, call our office for advice.

Always be sure to follow the instructions from your orthodontist and orthodontic team to ensure the best results from your treatment plan. This includes good oral hygiene practice, care of your braces, wearing any additional appliances indicated and coming to regular appointments.

Ekim Orthodontics is proud to serve our community and create smiles that show our beautiful style, we are a trusted part of the Prior Lake, Burnsville, and surrounding communities. We hope to see your beautiful smile in our office again soon.