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Orthodontic Tips for the Summer

June 11th, 2024

Things to look out for during the summer are keeping track of retainers, keeping up with oral hygiene practices (late nights and sleeping in can sometimes result in forgetting to brush teeth), and it’s a great time for an orthodontic evaluation.

Oral hygiene practices can also slip during the summer months. With late nights, sleep overs, and sleeping in longer hours, some patients forget to brush before bed or in the morning! And with additional snacking, sugary treats and beverages, this can be the formula for enamel spotting marks, cavities and gum irritation around the brackets or Invisalign attachments. Regular dental visits and orthodontic appointments can help reduce this risk, but be sure to always brush effectively before bed and timely in the morning.

Mouthwash Tips

March 12th, 2024

There are several options for mouthwash available for different purposes. Depending on your need and hygiene practices, work with your orthodontist, dentist and dental hygienist to find the right one for you. In general, a mild concentration fluoride helps protect against potential cavities that can start in grooves, pits or areas missed during brushing, flossing and cleaning. Watch out for higher alcohol content that may be drying to your oral tissues or heavy dyes that are likely unnecessary for your needs. Keep it clean!

Sugary Treats and Braces

January 12th, 2024

Sugary Treats on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day can be filled with sugary candies and treats that stick to your braces or break them off. Sticky or crunchy foods can break your appliances, damage your teeth, and slow down your treatment. Maybe skip the sugar and look for options instead. But if you do indulge, remember to brush thoroughly after eating.

Sports and Braces

September 18th, 2023

Can I play sports during orthodontics?

Kids and teens can absolutely play sports while wearing braces or Invisalign. While injuries can happen at any time when playing sports, protecting your mouth and teeth during physical activity can reduce the risk of dental injuries. Hockey, lacrosse, wrestling are some common sports with the regular use of mouth guards. Other sports like basketball, baseball or soccer may or may not involve mouth guards. Talk with your sports leader about recommendations.