Mouthwash Tips

March 12th, 2024

There are several options for mouthwash available for different purposes. Depending on your need and hygiene practices, work with your orthodontist, dentist and dental hygienist to find the right one for you. In general, a mild concentration fluoride helps protect against potential cavities that can start in grooves, pits or areas missed during brushing, flossing and cleaning. Watch out for higher alcohol content that may be drying to your oral tissues or heavy dyes that are likely unnecessary for your needs. Keep it clean!


June 24th, 2022

Braces are a time tested successful orthodontic method of aligning teeth and correcting bite contacts. To optimize a patient's results and keep the teeth and gums healthy, additional oral hygiene practices are needed during orthodontic treatment using braces. Brushing additional angles with your toothbrush and long enough is important to understand. Flossing and other methods to clean around hooks and ties are modified as well. In addition, a waterpik can also help keep the gums and enamel healthy. It is also very important to continue with regular dental cleanings at your general dentist office and with your hygenist since your orthodontist works with your general dental office team to maintain your dental health. One more tip is to use a daily fluoride mouthwash to reduce the risk of white markings or cavities. These recommendations, techniques and accessories are also reviewed once your orthodontic adventure begins at our office!